Pastor Ali – Lutheran Campus Pastor

Born and raised in Minnesota, Ali has made a home in Durham after working as a writer in Minneapolis, a college access coach in St. Louis, and an English teacher in Ecuador. During her time as a seminarian at Duke Divinity School, Ali spent a summer living and working in a migrant and refugee shelter on the US-Mexico border, further shaping her call to ministry. Beyond being a pastor, Ali’s vocations include being a spouse, sister, friend, daughter, and neighbor. When she is not on campus, you can find Ali camping in the Blue Ridge mountains, cheering on the Durham Bulls, or inhaling tacos at La Vaquita, Durham’s best taco joint.  

As a former Duke Lutheran herself, Ali is humbled to be called as Campus Pastor, and is excited about the ways she sees God at work in this wonderful community. You can contact Ali at alexandra.tranvik@duke.edu 


2018-2019 Leadership Team  

One of the central theological campaigns of the Lutheran Reformation was the equipping and empowering of the layperson. No longer were popes and priests the only ones with a vocation. No longer were monks and nuns the only ones who could live a life in service to God. Suddenly all Christians—with their own gifts and within their own contexts—could serve God and neighbor. Luther’s “priesthood of all believers” is a theology that Duke Lutherans takes seriously, and one that shapes the Duke Lutherans Leadership Team. We are grateful to have these amazing leaders with us this year, each using their own gifts, experience, and passion to form Duke Lutherans this year and for years to come!

Emma Schindler
Matt Nelson
Alex Goff
Sara Yeh
Jovita Byemerwa
Taylor Wilson
Anya Varanko
Julie Tonnesen

We are currently forming our Leadership Team for the 2019-2020 school year. If you are a Duke Lutheran and are interested in becoming part of our leadership, email Ali!


2019-2020 Committee Members

Phil Hart, Chair
Cindy Snyder
Anya Varanko
Leonard Hango
Susan Kesti
Aaron Klink
Claire Cooney
Riley Waugh
Linda Foreman
Kelly Raney 
Marg Schultz