Pastor Amanda Highben

Pastor Amanda was called to the Duke Lutherans community in June 2020. She was ordained in 2016 after twelve years in youth and family ministry. A graduate of John Carroll University (BA, English and Political Science), Luther Seminary (MA, Christian Education), and Trinity Lutheran Seminary (MDiv), she’s served diverse parishes in a variety of settings, including downtown Minneapolis, MN, inner-city Columbus, OH, and the college town of East Lansing, MI. During her three years at University Lutheran Church on the campus of Michigan State University, Pastor Amanda developed a graduate student and young adult ministry program and was an active member of the undergraduate campus ministry team. She’s led service-learning trips to various parts of the U.S. and the island of Île-à-Vache, Haiti.

Since moving to Durham with her family in 2019, she’s assisted with worship leadership at Duke Chapel and taught a course in Lutheran studies at Duke Divinity School. Pastor Amanda’s husband Zeb is the Director of Chapel Music at Duke and associate professor of the practice of church music at Duke Divinity School. Their daughter Cecilia (Ceci) is a first-grader at Hope Valley Elementary.

Pastor Amanda is an avid reader and enjoys biking, swimming, and yoga. She cares deeply about ecumenical and interfaith ministry, lifelong learning, building an inclusive church, and our calling to live as instruments of peace, justice, and God’s boundless love for all people. Amanda would love to hear from you at amanda.highben@duke.edu.


2020-20210 Leadership Team  

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