New Beginnings

Welcome to campus, Duke Lutherans!

It is a season of new beginnings. I am in the midst of my own new beginning as the Duke Lutherans Campus Minister.

You all are beginning your semesters as biomedical engineering students, incoming freshmen, divinity schoolers, philosophers, music majors, and (hopefully really good) basketball players.

As we all prepare for (brace for?) this new beginning with Duke Lutherans, we look forward to forming and deepening relationships with you, experiencing God’s grace through word and sacrament each week in worship, wrestling with what it means to be a Christian and Lutheran on campus and in the world today, and living out our vocations as neighbors throughout the Duke and Durham community.

While we are all part of the new beginning of this school year, as people of faith we are always in the midst of a new beginning. As Paul writes, “Behold! Everything is being made new.” Or as Luther says, “Life is nothing else than a daily baptism,” a recurring dying-and-rising. Or as Lutheran theologian and philosopher Soren Kierkegaard claims, we are always in the process of “becoming Christian.” The life of faith, in other words, is one in which we are given the grace to start anew, morning by morning.

I invite you to rise each morning, find some water, and mark the cross of Christ on your foreheads as we enter the unknown and unsettling newness God has in store for us this year. I am grateful and excited to be part of this new beginning with you.

Pastor Ali 

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