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Welcome to the Duke Lutherans Home on the Web

Our website is currently undergoing some renovations.  Please bear with us while we work on it!

Congratulations to our graduating seniors, and a joyful welcome to the incoming members of the class of 2019!

Duke Lutherans is a group of students – undergraduate, graduate, and professional – who hold the Gospel at the center of our lives.  We gather weekly in worship, fellowship, prayer, study, and service.  We invite you to check us out, both here on our website and on our Facebook page. We hope that you will come by the Grace House (more info coming soon), to relax, study, converse, and otherwise take a sabbath from the hectic life presented by Duke. Our group consists not only of Lutherans, but of many who find value in Eucharistic liturgy, weekly community service, and the close knit community fostered by Christ's work in our lives. Know that our purpose on this campus is to serve Jesus, and to look, live, and love more like Him. We hope you will come to know that through our words and our deeds.

Our Goals

Come together weekly to worship the Lord.

Pray for one another.

Edify the Body of Christ through fellowship.

Learn more about our faith through Bible studies.

Discern our vocational calls from God.

Proclaim the Gospel to all through word and deed.

Grow in our discpleship.

Some words from Duke Lutherans:

Duke Lutherans, from my first days on campus to my last walk out after graduation, provided me with a foundation of fellowship, friends and faith. I was never far from someone with whom I could share a laugh, a talk or a hand to help someone else. I will remember my times there for the rest of my life.

Darren, Trinity ‘06

While many people find their faith waning during their college years, I am blessed to be surrounded by individuals who have forced me to re-examine my faith, thus strengthening my relationship with God and with one another through the struggles and achievements that mark college life. Through friendships I have forged with spiritual leaders and fellow students, I have found a supportive community through God that has enriched my college experience.

Gretchen, Trinity ‘07

Even if I only came for a good meal Sunday evening or swung by the Lutheran Lounge for a snack, Duke Lutherans helped keep me reminded of my faith and really gave me a place where I felt I belonged.

John, Trinity ‘08

Our Parent Churches

Duke Lutheran Campus Ministry is a ministry of St. Paul's Lutheran Church and Grace Lutheran Church.  Pastor Scott Anderson of St. Paul's and Pastor Bryan Chestnutt of Grace Lutheran Church (LCMS) join us at least monthly to celebrate the Eucharist at our services, and many Lutheran churches in the Triangle participate in providing weekly dinners.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

1200 West Cornwallis Rd.



Lutheran Lounge - 919 684-5548